Steam Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning Services

You may invest your energy and time in getting a normal routine clean-up of your flooring and carpets, but still, there may be some stubborn stains and dirt particles that refuse to vanish easily. In such situations, you need to go for Steam cleaning solutions by Melbourne Professional Cleaners. The steam cleaning solutions are being chosen in situations when someone wants to opt for deep cleaning services. Steam cleaning has proven to be extremely useful when an increased level of cleanliness is required, because it removes allergens, bacteria, mildew, dust mites, hazardous pathogens, mold, and viruses, etc. The best part of this cleaning technique is that it doesn’t involve the usage of harsh and harmful chemicals and so you can be relaxed that your carpet or flooring is not exposed to quick degradation.

At Melbourne Professional Cleaners we follow steam cleaning in such a way that it eliminates the stubborn residues generated through grease or other sticky substances. Such burnt stains are deposited particularly in the kitchen area. The cleaning services in Melbourne make sure that you get rid of all the deposited ground stains. Our cleaning specialists are experts in removing the toughest stains and the deepest dirt. We do not just simply clean the surface, but our steam cleaning is comprehensive, effective and essentially safe for you and your family.We use the best steam carpet cleaning method around which is of Hot Water Extraction. This is a deep and in-depth cleaning method which not only improves the presence of your carpet but also removes the dirt and grunge trapped in the carpet fibers. It is interesting to note that using a Hot Water Extraction method combined with our state-of-the-art technology washes your carpet meticulously. The powerful vacuum action of the advanced machines sucks the water back up and out of the carpet fibers thereby reducing the drying time of the carpet.

Benefits of Melbourne Professional Cleaners Steam Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Steam cleaning is contrasting to regular carpet dry cleaning where the dirt is removed from the surface only, in the steam carpet cleaning the equipment digs deep to remove germs, dirt and any odor coming from bacterial growth.
  • Our services are pet-friendly, child safe and environment-friendly as we use biodegradable insecticides, pesticides, and other sprays, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your family and workplace.
  • There are no hidden costs after the services are provided. You pay according to the prices decided at the time of booking the appointment and receive a receipt after the full payment.


Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service
Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams
Guaranteed Performance
All cleaners cleared by Ministry of Justice
Public Liability Insurance cover
Custom cleaning schedule


After booking the appointment with us, our team of specialists will come at your personal or commercial property. They will carefully examine your carpet and analyze the best approach to cleaning it depending on the material, color; it’s usage any many other relevant factors. Often a pre-spray shampoo with some active ingredients is applied to loosen the stains and dirt particles which helps in giving a clean and maintained outcome.

For a more deeper clean, we use some of our most advanced techniques and procedures before even starting the steam cleaning process to achieve a deeply cleaned carpet and other floorings. We also finish the deep cleaning procedure by sanitizing and deodorizing the cleaned carpet so that it owns a long lasting fresh smell and gets enough carpet drying time too.

Therefore, you can expect the following points from us when it comes to steam cleaning services:

  • Same Day Service (provided on the proximity of the venue and availability of resources)
  • Free sanitization of the carpet
  • Free deodorization of the carpet
  • End of Lease Service
  • Prompt Service

Difference between steam cleaning, dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning:

We are aware of the fact that Carpet, despite being so communal in retail and particularly the commercial business environments, requires more upkeep than any other thing. Stubborn stains of muddy footprints, bad odors because of prolonged bacterial growth and some other unidentifiable stains are common to find on carpets that do not have a consistently scheduled cleaning regime. Thus, it is recommended under the Australia Standard that due to health and hygiene reasons the carpets, especially as commercial spaces, must be professionally deep cleaned at least once or twice a year. So, when this time of the year comes around, it is important to be aware of the following points of deep cleaning that will help you choose the best way for getting your beloved assets cleaned:

  1. Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is appropriate for most of the commonly found carpets and is the most common method used by professional cleaners around the world. It is accomplished with a portable machine which can also be mounted on a mini truck if it is a larger model. Most carpet manufacturers give the recommendation of steam cleaning as theirideal method of carpet cleaning. The steam cleaning services help to get rid of the carpets that have deeplyrooted stains which hampers in the prolonged life of the carpet.

According to professionals, there is a four-step process involved in the steam cleaning services by experts:

  • The carpet is first vacuumed to extract as much dirt and dust as possible before the process of deep cleaning starts.
  • A unique chemical solution is then sprayed onto the carpet, and it is then left for a while to sink into the carpet and attack the tough stains.
  • Water is then sprayed into the carpet with a high-pressure jet pipe which acts as steam.
  • Finally, the hot water is then vacuumed out of the carpets with a powerful vacuum, and the carpet is being put to dry out completely.
  1. Dry Cleaning:

As the name recommends, this particular method uses a lot less water than steam cleaning, although the process of cleaning is quite similar to both the services. The process focuses more on strong chemicals rather than just water to target tough stains and marks on the carpets. Dr cleaning does not clean as deeply as the steam cleaning, it basically cleans only at surface level, and it is used at the time of regular maintenance and not at the time when deep cleaning is needed.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning:

Bonnet cleaning is like a subset of dry cleaning for carpets. It does not involve the use of hefty equipment like that of also steam cleaning and is commonly used form of dry cleaning. The process of bonnet cleaning is here as follows:

  • The carpet is first vacuumed to eradicate excess mud and dust from its surface.
  • A cleaning agent is then applied to something like a cleaner’s pad.
  • Ten, the cleaner pad is rubbed along the carpet, which due to friction, gradually transfers the dirt from the carpet onto the cleaner pad.
  • The carpet is finally vacuumed after the entire expanse has been appropriately cleaned.

Why choose Melbourne Professional Cleaners for Steam Cleaning Services:

We assure you a top-notch service when it comes to indoors and outdoors cleaning. We are a trusted face in the market today, and our satisfied, loyal client base speaks itself for the A-grade services that we have provided to them since 1993. Here are some of the factors why we are one of the best cleaning service providers in the market today:

  • We provide weekly, fortnightly or monthly service
  • We have a bunch ofhighly experienced cleaning individuals who have vested interests in our projects too
  • We assure you 100% guaranteed performance and customer satisfaction. We will come again for free if you are not satisfied with our work.
  • We have the cleaners care cleared by the Ministry of Justice
  • We own thepublic liability insurance cover
  • We also do custom cleaning scheduleconferring to your time of convenience

It is true that we are not the cheapest service providers compared to other market players. But we are definitely the most satisfactory ones who are worth your time, money and exceptional level of trust. Our motto is to serve you with clean spaces, and that is achieved with the help of our talented and skilled team members. Thus, do get in touch with us for booking the appointments for your next steam cleaning project.

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