Lawn And Garden Care

Lawn And Garden Care

Time and again, because of our fast-paced lives, polluted environment and congested indoors, places like gardens, lawns and open spaces in our houses have proved to be positive mood changers. They play a key role in relaxing us and making us appreciate the unadulterated beauty of nature more and more. They ought to be maintained regularly so that they are not consumed by weed and wild mosses. Therefore, it is extremely important that your lawn and garden care is done by a group of professionals who are experts at their jobs and who will make sure that your garden and lawn is perfectly trimmed, cleaned, maintained and becomes a perfect abode for your rejuvenating time.

We at Melbourne Professional Cleaners take the full responsibility of giving you a clean garden and lawn with our comprehensive garden cleaning services in Melbourne. You don’t get to worry anymore about the hassle of juggling between taking care of your work, personal life, social life and maintaining your garden and lawn as well. You can trust us with full confidence with your lawn and garden care and enjoy the satisfaction derived from a well-maintained garden and lawn.

What does the Lawn and Garden Care services include?

Be it a backside garden at your home or a lush green lawn as one of your properties; it has to be taken care of with full perfection and dexterity. Our all-inclusive garden and lawn services include the following:

  • Plants’ maintenance
  • Trimming
  • De-weeding
  • Applying insecticides
  • Applying pesticides
  • Fertilizer and manure
  • Planting new seeds
  • New plants
  • Plants’ replacement
  • Transplantation of plants from one place to another
But why do you need Garden and Lawn Maintenance Services?

One cannot deny the fact that your lawn and garden services are overstated. They are in fact as essential as the regular cleaning of your indoors. Your lawn and garden need to absorb the nutrients from the soil to achieve the desired color, thickness and the overall health benefits to thrive to the fullest. Thus, it needs a regular schedule of services from the professionals. There may be many threats to your garden and lawn like weeds, high temperatures, drought, and most often damaging insects. At Melbourne Professional Cleaners, we address all these issues and more so that you get to see your most beloved version of the garden and lawn daily.

Some of the reasons for regular garden and lawn services are:
  • To prevent lawn diseases

Common problems like the brown patch disease are noticed to pose a great threat to the overall health of your garden and lawn. The prevalence of these type of diseases depends on varied factors like area, seasons and most importantly temperatures of a particular place. When talking specifically about the brown patch, it booms more in warmer weather conditions as compared to disease like the dollar spot, which is more prevalent in cooler weather conditions. As it is said, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so it is better to have regular garden and lawn services so that these diseases can be prevented before they even spread on your garden and soil and cause havoc.

  • To add to your home’s aesthetic appeal

If you’re making a plan to sell your house soon then investing in the maintenance of a good lawn or garden will increase the worth of your property many folds. It’ll also leave a good impression on your neighbors that you take care of your garden so properly. Whenever you organize a barbeque party or a get-together, then your lush green maintained garden would act as a cherry on the cake and make your event a hit among your friends and family members. When you want to relax at your home on Sunday evenings, then your own garden will be like a mini park to you, and you will feel completely positive by forgetting your worries and enjoying nature.

  • To have healthy grass for your family and pets to play

Your family and pet’s health indirectly depends on the hygiene of your garden. Kids often play out in the outdoors in the summers, and it is mostly in summers only that the garden is more prone to pests and drought. Therefore, regularly making sure that your lawn is taken care of makes sure that you are keeping your family and pets safe and sound.

  • To contribute to a better environment

Are you aware of the fact that grass is a natural filter? They act as lawn filters and filter the air of 12 million tons of dirt and dust annually. Not only air, healthy grass even controls the filtration of water and helps you in keeping your neighborhood clean. Both the greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide are reduced dramatically by the lush greenery of your well-maintained garden.

  • To control pests and weeds

One more reason, apart from many other ones to give your lawn and garden in the hands of Melbourne Professional Cleaners is so that you do not run the risk of lawn damaging insects like colonies of fire ants who invade, destroy your lawn and bite your family members and guests. A regular scheduled garden care maintenance detects these alarm bells beforehand and rectifies the issue with proper cleaning and spraying the required amount of insecticides. Also, as we all know,  weeds suck nutrients from your soil and leave no nutrients for your plants and flowers to flourish. Regularly de-weeding thus becomes all the more necessary for a garden of any size.

Why trust Melbourne Professional Cleaners?

We are a certified firm dealing in all kinds of cleaning services all over Melbourne. All our team members of Melbourne Professional Cleaners are thoroughly checked so that we can assure you that they are of the best character and integrity. They are a bunch of talented folks who are the finest at their jobs, and they also share the same vision as us when it comes to efficient and effective services. We are proud to be associated with each of our operators as one of our franchise holders. This helps them to get a vested interest in making sure you’re safe and completely satisfied with all of the work done.

You can have a look at the following points to know more about our USP and why are we preferred over other professional cleaners in the market today:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service
  • Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • All cleaners cleared by the Ministry of Justice
  • Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Custom cleaning schedule

Hand over your assets in the best hands:

We understand how dear are your possessions to you and so you want nothing but the best services for their qualitative maintenance. Therefore, we at Melbourne Professional Cleaners are available to serve you with the top-notch services in the town. We believe in transparency, satisfaction and superior quality services for your lawn and garden. You may not find our services as the cheapest in the market; this is because we do never compromise with the quality of the services. We give adequate time to the cleaning work so that you get not just surface level cleanliness but inclusive cleanliness of your property. Moreover, we do not just provide an excellent value for money cleaning service, but we also believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and try to understand them so that our delivery of performance stands up to their expectations from us. So, let us do something good for our cherished open spaces, that is the lawn and garden and get them cleaned on a regular basis by the expert team of Melbourne Professional Cleaners who are guaranteed to impress you to the fullest with their work.

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