Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

We’re all aware of the fact that a lot of your investment goes into your apartment’s flooring. A clean spic-and-span flooring not only makes your house looks clean but gives an illusion of a bigger house too. But it is the same flooring that is subjected to faster wear and tear because everybody walks on it all the time, dirt, dust, and scum accumulate on it, the stains remain if something ever got spilled on it and so a normal routine vacuum cleaning will not do the satisfactory job for you. It needs special care by a team of professionals who use their expertise in converting your present flooring into a tidy and shiny one.

Thus, we at Melbourne Professional Cleaners help you to get rid of any sort of flooring issues you face.We believe in intensive cleaning services which are inclusive. All the professional floor cleaning solutions that we propose after taking into account the type of tile, flooring, materials, etc., are then followed by a very talented team of technicians who then use advanced techniques that give efficient results so that the result you get is an intense cleaning service of your treasured flooring.

Broadly speaking we avail with the following cleaning solutions:

  • Tile cleaning solutions
  • Carpet cleaning solutions
  • Deep floor cleaning solutions

Why is the regular maintenance of your flooring important?

Regular maintenance of your flooring is important to prolong the longevity of your floor. Here are some of the reasons why your flooring requires special attention from the professionals:

  • To guard your investment:

You have already put in a good amount of money in your flooring, be it for personal use or commercial use. But to save yourself from the future losses coming from repairing the wear and tear of your flooring, it is better to invest regularly in the cleaning and maintenance of your flooring.


  • Flooring affects the mood of your commercial space:

The state of your floors in a commercial space especially can be a crucial factor in deciding the mood of all the employees and the clients. A clean and well-furnished flooring helps to radiate a positive atmosphere in the commercial space, and it makes the office look very welcoming and organized to everybody.


  • To take care of carpets:

If the floors of your commercial spaces are carpeted, then there are high chances that they experience a high number of people walking on them daily. It becomes easy for the color of your carpet to fade, and its quality deteriorates. Especially, if you own a light colored carpet at your commercial or public space, then there are more chances that it becomes dirty soon and impacts the hygiene and aesthetic appeal of the place. Before it becomes difficult to recover your carpet to its original look, it is better to invest in cleaning it time and again by a group of well-trained professionals like that of Melbourne Professional Cleaners. We recommend you to get a deep cleaning of your carpets every alternative month so that it’s shine and color remain as it is.


Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service
Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams
Guaranteed Performance
All cleaners cleared by Ministry of Justice
Public Liability Insurance cover
Custom cleaning schedule


Some of the cleaning tips everybody should know:

Different floorings require different treatment. It does not matter if you do not have expertise in floor cleaning, but the basic knowledge of floor cleaning will help you avoid the losses related to the wear and tear of your flooring as much as possible. Here are some of the cleaning tips depending upon the type of flooring:

  • Asphalt tile:

Floorings with asphalt tiles should ideally be mopped every week with one cup of fabric softener mixed in half a bucket of water. Remember not to flood the floor too much as it can lead to loosening of the grout and the adhesives. Then the marks remaining if any, can be removed with a fine soft cloth and liquid floor wax. At last rub clean and wipe the flooring with a damp cloth.

  • Brick flooring:

One major point of caution while cleaning a brick flooring is that never to use acids, strong soaps or abrasives. Vacuum the flooring followed by mopping it. Simply mix 1 cup of vinegar in some water and use it for cleaning purpose. Since bricks are porous, one needs to put special attention to sealing it first with a commercial sealer. Also, the build-up needs to be then removed by a solvent based wax, a wax stripper, and a brush. This can be a time-taking and tedious process, and so it is best to leave the cleaning of this type of flooring to professional cleaners as they are well-versed with the right techniques and have all the necessary resources for cleaning.

  • Ceramic tile:

Ceramic tiles can be seen of two types-glazed and unglazed. The glazed ones are virtually stain proof, but the unglazed ones need quite an attention when it comes to their regular cleaning. Unglazed ceramic means they are also porous and so before cleaning, the pores have to be sealed; otherwise, they will store water and get spoiled. Here also, one needs to refrain the use of abrasives, acids or strong soaps. After sealing the pores, the unglazed ceramic floor tiling can be mopped with an all-purpose cleaner and later dried with a soft cloth. In cumbersome cleaning processes like these, it is best to hand them over to cleaning experts like Melbourne Professional Cleaners.

Similarly, there are different cleaning ways for other materials like concrete, flagstone and slate, linoleum and vinyl, marble, hardwood floors made of oak, bamboo, maple or other exotic woods like the Brazilian cherry.

The common point of caution in cleaning every floor is that one must be careful to not put too much liquid on the floor at one go. Especially on woody floors as they may get overly saturated and bloat at times. Thus, to save yourself from the hassle as well as from following the wrong steps by any mistake and then spoiling the flooring more in the process, it is better to act rational and hire a team of professionals to do the needful. They are not only trained in doing so but are licensed as well and have all the resources for cleaning different types of flooring. Now you can focus on your core activities and leave the rest to our amazingly hard-working team of workers at Melbourne Professional Cleaners so that you get the results you always expected and desired concerning your indoors and outdoors.

Why choose Melbourne Professional Cleaners?

We are cleaning homes since 1993, and till date, we hold a record of 100% customer satisfaction. It is because we never compromise on the quality of services. We give the required time for all our cleaning projects that that is why you may also find that we are not the cheapest compared to other cleaning firms. Our team comprises of well-trained experts who do their job with full efficiency and integrity. Here are some of the points that will interest you about the Melbourne Professional Cleaners:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service
  • Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • All cleaners cleared by the Ministry of Justice
  • Public Liability Insurance cover
  • Custom cleaning schedule

Thus, when it comes to maintenance of your flooring, you need to be very particular that it goes in the right hands as different types of flooring require different cleanliness treatments. You may get surface level cleanliness by some other options available in the market, but for an inclusive cleanliness regime, you can always count on us. After all, even if it’s your personal space or a commercial space there is no denying the fact that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ So, to make sure your family, friends, pets, clients or office employees are spending their time in a clean and hygienic place by regularly maintaining the flooring of that place.

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