Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial space is like the face of your company. To maintain a decent environment all around your office, it is extremely a matter of necessity that your respective spaces are kept as neat and clean as possible. Your office or your workspace is not only responsible for your livelihood but also for the positive mood of you and all the people investing their time there. A clean commercial space will elevate the whole look of the place and will make everybody feel that they belong to a high standard company where everything is well maintained and properly cleaned.

We at Melbourne Professional Cleaners understand the importance of your commercial spaces in your life and so to clean them for a more polished look, our team of skilled and efficient workers are there to serve you with a click of a button. Our cleaning services are totally unmatchable in the entire market of Melbourne, and we make sure that our understanding of the work aligns with your expectations from us. Our motto is to focus on the exceptional quality standards which reflect in our services and work towards fulfilling all the personalized and exclusive requirements that you ask from us. We proudly vouch that we have the most advanced equipment, techniques, procedures and also the most dedicated team of workers doing their job with full perfection to make your commercial spaces even more presentable for work. We also provide you with the best possible advanced and practical cleaning solutions. We believe in doing our best to keep our beloved environment healthy and clean, and that is why we are the leading market players in both domestic and commercial cleaning services.

Why choose Melbourne Professional Cleaners over other market players?

The specialty of Melbourne Professional Cleaners is working hard towards making your commercial spaces squeaky clean. They are not to be kept neat and clean just for the aesthetic appeal and a well-maintained look, but also so that the premises remain free of germs and your clients and customers like to come there again and again.
With too many cleaning services in the market, each claiming they are the best, it may be difficult to choose one service that will actually be worth the price and time.But we believe that actions speak louder than words and so our satisfied clientele since 1993 is enough to assure you that we are worth your resources and your expectations when it comes to getting your commercial premises cleaned.

Which spaces do we cover in our commercial cleaning services ?

Now that you are rightly assured that we are equipped for this job, it will be pleased to let you know that we work for a wide array of spaces and in a varied number of industries too. This simply means that we understand that different carpets, flooring and surfaces and open areas need different types of treatment and techniques to work on that and our team is well prepared for all these issues.

Professional Cleaning Services
  • All Operators pass strict background checks.
  • Public Liability Insurance – $10,000,000
  • Cleaning businesses since 1993
  • Full support & management from Head Office
  • Performance Guaranteed

Here’s a list of some industries where we work in as professional cleaners:

Body corporate spaces

We at Melbourne Professional Cleaners believe that an inclusive body corporate cleaning services is a must in every organization and so we offer the following services when it comes to the Body Corporate Spaces:

  • A regular body corporate cleaning and maintenance
  • Disposing the waste and removing the rubbish
  • Vacuuming, steaming and dry cleaning the carpets
  • Cleaning all types of tiles and hard flooring
  • Steaming and dry cleaning the upholstery
  • Cleaning the window panes
  • Checking the lights and bulbs and replacing the faulty ones
  • Trimming and cleaning the garden or lawn ofthe premises
  • Check and re-stock the toiletries items like toilet papers, hand towels, tissues, etc.
Office spaces

With over 1000s of satisfied clients for whom we have cleaned their office spaces till date we can surely say that our services have been loved and acknowledged by our loyal clients. Here’s a list of solutions we provide when it comes to cleaning up the office spaces:

  • Cleaning up the restrooms
  • Scrubbing of toilets, showers, partitions, and the sinks
  • Disinfecting the counters, stall walls, fixtures and fittings and the push plates
  • Cleaning up the reception areas
  • Emptying the rubbish bins and wiping them
  • Sanitizing all the tables and common areas
  • Wiping all the desks
  • Sanitizing the telephones, computer screens, and the keyboards
  • Cleaning, vacuuming,and spot treating the carpeted areas of conference rooms and lounges
  • Cleaning androutine maintenance of the hard floors
Primary schools and High schools

A school is a place where hygiene, cleanliness, and maintenance become all the more important because it harbors many children whose immunities are still at the budding stage. Therefore, they should be kept in as clean an environment as possible. To help you out with cleaning up your school premises, we at Melbourne Professional Cleaners have come up with the following services:

  • Cleaning up the restrooms
  • Scrubbing the toilets, partitions, and sinks
  • Disinfecting the counters, desks, walls, fixtures, and fittings
  • Cleaning all the classrooms and offices
  • Daily vacuuming and steam cleaning of the carpeted areas
  • Emptying of dustbins and wiping them
  • Dusting and cleaning window shelves and frames
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the hard floors to prolong their longevity
Retail outlets

The cleanliness of shops and retail outlets is of paramount importance. They have a huge number of people stepping in daily ranging from anywhere between50to more than 250 in some big chain stores.

Our staff at Melbourne Professional Cleaners help your retail outlet to be in its first-rate condition. We can come for cleaning after the shop hours and finish our work before it opens the next day so that your business does not get hampered even for a few minutes because of cleaning. We use soft cloths for cleaning the delicate glass shelves and also clean bathrooms, kitchens, front entrances, hard floors and even the window panes of your outlet.
Other commercial areas we clean are hospitals, clubs, child care centers, etc. to name a few.

Go with the best service providers:

When we assure you that you are giving your commercial spaces in the right hands for cleanliness and maintenance, then we say this because of the following points:

  • We do weekly, fortnightly or monthly service
  • We have highly experienced cleaning teams
  • We assure you guaranteed performance
  • All the cleaners care is cleared by the ministry of justice
  • We have public liability insurance cover
  • We do custom cleaning schedule according to your time of convenience

We know that you already have a lot of other core activities to do rather than spending your time and energy of cleaning. Therefore, you can trust a team of professionals for this job who have all the adequate skills and resources so that you get the best results in the most effective of ways. You can outsource your regular cleaning contracts to us and schedule the time with our person beforehand. We believe in serving you with top-class services so that your commercial space attracts the customers and clients and leave your office with a really good impression of the overall place. We do not ever compromise on the quality of our work, and so that may be reflected in our prices too. We may not be the cheapest options you will find in the market but the most worthy ones. We give the required time and efforts in cleaning up your commercial spaces and thus, what you get as a final output is a super clean and maintained commercial space where everybody feels proud to work in. Therefore, do get in touch with our team of Melbourne Professional Cleaners to negotiate the quote whenever the right time comes for cleaning up your commercial premises.


Our business manager will meet with you and provide a no obligation quote and from there can easily provide a customized commercial cleaning service for your business. We offer 24hrs, 7 day availability


We offer a large variety of services for commercial clients needing just a one time clean. From windows, end of lease or kitchen deep cleans. Contact us for a quick chat to discuss your cleaning requirements


We provide an after hours cleaning service for all commercial carpet & upholstery cleans.

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