Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne – Re-establish the originality of the carpet you’ve covered your floor with, and bring life to it with the help of Melbourne Professional Cleaners. We have already won a title as a provider of award-winning professional cleaning services. We have established ourselves as qualified and cost-effective Carpet Cleaning Service Provider in Melbourne.We guarantee you 100% satisfaction when it comes to carpet cleaning.

A brief regarding how we do it:

Our team of professionals uses equipment that remains truck-mounted, and it cleans the carpet fibers from within by vacuuming the liquid and dirt particles. The carpet cleaning services we offer include pet stain removal, odor removal, flood water restoration, carpet steam cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet dry cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet repair, carpet sanitization, carpet stain protection, carpet mould restoration, and carpet deodorizing, etc. That is, we stand up as a one-stop solution for all your carpet cleaning requirements.

The Necessity of Carpet Cleaning

When you buy a carpet, you invest sufficient money for the same, and that’s why you have to keep it worthy as the time passes by. It is extremely essential to keep the carpet you own clean and healthy, so that you may use the carpet to fullest. Homely methods cannot help in deep-cleaning. To avoid bacteria, pollutants, Nano dust particles, and germs, professional carpet cleaning services are necessary.

You should consider cleaning your carpets time to time as:
  • Carpet comes under everybody’s feet, it gets dirty as the time goes on, and if not cleaned regularly, then it gets more and more difficult.
  • With time, carpet not only involves dirt and dust, but also allergens, pollutants, bacteria, germs, and viruses, etc. Such contaminants may cause severe heath issues and diseases. That’s why these are needed to be removed as soon as possible.
  • As soon as the carpet gets dirty, it loses its brightness, charm, and softness.
  • If the carpet is not being cleaned on time, it’s life-cycle decreases as well.
  • Carpets not just catch regular dust & dirt, but sometimes, something sticky falls on it, which cannot be removed easily form the carpet, not even through homely solutions.
  • If stains are not being cleaned properly, they give birth to other harmful contaminants.
  • Melbourne professional cleaners have come up with a single platform for all your carpet cleaning needs, be it carpet water damage restoration, carpet stain removal, or anything else.
  • Our team of certified cleaners helps you keep the original finish of the carpet alive, and that too in your budget only.
  • The new luster and brightness are being brought back to your carpet by removing all sort of stains, and then through sanitizing and deodorizing.
Professional technicians associated with Melbourne Professional Cleaners

The technicians associated with us are trained firstly, so that they may know everything regarding deep cleaning solutions. Be it any challenging site, where the carpet is full of stains, odors, and water damage issues, etc., our professionals know all the techniques to make it all new.
The team members, as well as, sub-contractors, who belong to us, travel to any site that is in or across Melbourne, i.e., eastern suburbs, western suburbs, northern suburbs, and southern suburbs.
We hold expertise when it comes to cleaning, or restoring the areas which are either residential or professional.

  • Residential carpet steam cleaning & restoration
  • Motel Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning solutions in Schools
  • Carpet cleaning in companies, and offices
  • Carpet Cleaning in Hospitals
The process we follow while cleaning your carpet

In Melbourne, we offer our services everywhere. The service that we offer while cleaning your carpet, be it dry cleaning, or steam cleaning, depends on the fabric of the carpet.

  • Firstly, we perform fiber testing regarding your carpet. The test let us know which cleaning solution would be most suitable for your carpet.
  • To remove dry particles, we perform dry vacuuming.
  • We remove stains from the carpet through biodegradable cleaning solutions.
  • We then proceed to the hot water extraction process, in which steam is infused into the carpet’s layers. Through this process, the soil, stains, dust, and pollutants loosen up. To extract cleaning solution, water, and pollutants, a vacuum is being used.
  • An instant carpet drying method is used after cleaning.
  • Finally, we deodorize the cleaned carpets. It makes the carpet to appear fresh and bright.
The range of carpet cleaning solutions we deal in are:
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Flood Water Restoration
  • Sanitizing
  • Stain Removal
  • Mould Removal
  • Sewage Restoration
  • Wet carpet drying
  • Domestic carpet cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Carpet repair
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Wine stain removal
  • Vomit stain removal
  • Tea or Coffee stain removal
  • Hot water extraction

Let’s see them elaborated:

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process in Melbourne
  • Firstly, we perform fiber testing to find out the suitable cleaning solution to clean your carpet.
  • Then, we follow advanced & intense vacuuming to remove pollutants and dirt.
  • Specific stain removing agents are used to remove carpet stains.
  • Further, carpet is being dried up after vacuuming.
Carpet Shampooing Solutions in Melbourne

With the dry cleaning solutions, we also offer carpet shampooing in Melbourne. You need time to time assistance in order to protect your carpet and to save its finishing. That’s why Melbourne Professional Cleaners provide you with everything you need to make your carpet look like it’s brand new. Beginning from regular cleaning to deep clean-ups, we provide you with everything regarding carpets.
Hot water Extraction Process in Melbourne
The professional cleaners associated with us, use all advanced techniques so that your carpet may be free of germs, stain, pollutants, and bacteria. Through the hot water extraction method, your carpet gets completely clean, as well as, sanitized. While doing this, the hot water stream with pressure is applied on the carpet. After some time, the cleaning solution, as well as, water is extracted including with all the deposited stains, dirt, and contaminants. Once the extraction is done, the carpet is being speed-dried, so that it may be used ASAP.

Carpet Mould Removal in Melbourne

Carpet mould removal is basically a restoration service. While going for this one, one must know that the mould is some sort of microorganism, which grows on the carpet especially when the moisture content remains high in the weather.Due to this, one may face health issues, such as breathing problems, regular cough, and sneezing, etc. That’s why, we follow environment- friendly cleaning methods including advanced tools to clean the mould infestations.

Scotch-Gard Carpet Stain Cleaning in Melbourne

In scotch-gardfiber protection, we apply stain protector to the fibers of the carpet. This protector acts as a shield against the carpet’s stains. We provide carpet stain protection solutions for all types of carpets, such as:

  • Nylon Carpet
  • Wool Carpet
  • Olefin Carpet
  • Smart Stand Carpet
  • Acrylic Carpet
End of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Are you going to get shifted from your rented property? Are you in need of end of lease carpet cleaning? If yes, then Melbourne Professional Cleaners are just a call away. For end of lease carpet cleaning, we perform a deep &detailed inspection and cleaning treatment. So, now you don’t have to worry if the tenancy you hold is about to come to an end.

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service
Highly Experienced Cleaning Teams
Guaranteed Performance
All cleaners cleared by Ministry of Justice
Public Liability Insurance cover
Custom cleaning schedule

Melbourne Professional Cleaners’ Experience & Professionalism
We include extremely reputed and experienced professionals’ team, who have gained expertise in all the solutions, which are related to carpet cleaning. Also, if you want your carpet to get completely cleaned within a day, then we’re the first you should consider, as we understand the value of time, and offer you services as per your convenience. Our professionals follow the most-effective measures, examine the type of carpet you own, and then follow the clean-up process accordingly.
The aptest part is that we own all the advanced and upgraded tools so that the outcome turns out to be worthy. We intend to avail you with completely disinfected, sanitized, clean, deodorized, and dried carpets, which eventually locate bloom to your space. Our 24X7 services and nominal rates are the factors, which are like the cherry on the cake; so give us a chance, and let your carpet shine the brightest.

Why Choose Melbourne Professional Cleaners?

  • Visible Outcome

We not only talk but provide you with visible results. You can actually see your carpet shining after availing our cleaning services.

  • Expert Professionals

We have been working in the same sector for a considerate time till now, and that’s why you can trust us, our experience will reflect in our services.

  • Nominal Cleaning Solutions

We have fixed pricing for our services in such a manner that no one has to think twice before asking us to provide cleaning solutions. We intend to provide youwith the best-possible nominal pricing and the best of quality.

  • Environment-friendly Solutions

The environment has been polluted a lot already, and as we’re into cleaning, we focus on providing you with the eco-friendly solutions, so that you don’t get to breathe in harmful chemicals while we clean your carpets.

  • Free-of-cost Quotation

Melbourne Professional Cleaners make it the easiest for you to ask for a price quotation from us. You just have to give us a call or leave us a query, and we’ll disclose our pricing, that too for free.

  • 24X7 Customer Support

The team of professionals we own work 24X7 and stay available for you, so that you may give us a call whenever you want.

  • A pool of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

We offer countless carpet cleaning techniques and advancements to our clients because we intend to become a one-stop solution for all their cleaning needs.
Now, do not live with dirty and unhygi.enic carpets, as we have come up with solutions to clean them all up.

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Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 16:00 pm
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